Christina Matsa – singer Pop/ R&B

Born February 12, 1994 in Larnaka Cyprus, Christina started her music career at very early age, since she grew up surrounded by musicians from her mother’s side.
At the age of six she had her first live appearance, performing with a large orchestra and by the age of ten she had accumulated lot of studio experience.
In 2004 when she was only 10 years old she is invited by an artist to perform at his concert in Malta, where she impressed the audience with her natural ability of singing.

By 2007 the MME from Cyprus was talking about her, characterizing her voice as “ To Powerful for such a young age” and local Tv Shows were inviting her to perform with every opportunity.
2008 is an important year for Christina’s career…she is invited as a judge for Junior Eurovision organized by the National Television, CYBC.

Respected for her vocals and ability of live performance, an English-Cypriot producer propose a collaboration and they traveled to UK for the recording of her first promo album, titled “From the Heart”. The album was air played by many local radio stations and abroad.

A year later, in 2009 fifteen at that time, Christina was chosen by the Romanian performer Mihai Traistariu (Tornero, Eurovision 2006) to sing together a duet at his concert in Cyprus. The Romanian performer, touched by her voice, lost no opportunity to invite Christina as his Guest of Honor to an International Song Festival in Romania. Romanian newspapers and magazines talked about Christina’s collaboration with the Romanian artist. Since then she had lot of invitations as guest at various events and shows in Romania.

For a teenager with a busy school schedule, Christina has traveled and performed to more than 100 shows in many countries, but the big success is in October 2011, when she releases her single titled “MY Reason”. Written and produced by the Romanian producer Catalin Dascalu, the song brought her an international recognition. Spanish record company Planeta Mix records, released the song in many compilations and remixes by their DJ’s

People Magazine did a 4 pages interview with Christina, after the release of ‘My Reason’

Two months later, December 5, 2011, she Hit’s again with another single named Kiss which it become very popular especially among Greek people, since some of the lyrics are in Greek. She was invited to Romania for promotion at two of the most well rated TV shows and important music sites announced and promoted the news. A new single “Hypnotized” was released a month after, in collaboration with Planeta Mix Records from Spain.

Important music TV channels and radio stations in Cyprus and abroad are promoting Christina’s songs, including MTV

Since March 2012,“My Reason” was one of the favorite HIT song in Spain and for 5 weeks was no 1 in charts…….

Christina’s debut show in Greece was in March 2012 when she was invited by the great actor Alekos Sisovitis, to perform at Faust Bar in Athens, where she amazed everyone with her live performance and by the end of July 2012 she was booked at Ultra M Lounge in Mikonos for another 3 shows. The organizers called her “THE VOICE”

Following the success of the previous songs “My Reason, “Kiss” and “Hypnotized”, Christina Matsa just released the video-clip of her new single “If You Wanna”. The single is released by Spanish record label Planeta Mix Records.

Seven different versions of this single, was released by Planeta Mix Records on November 16, 2012
One of the biggest Romanian Tv Show ‘Petrecem K Lumea” with big audience, invited Christina to be a part of the show and promote her new song ‘ If You Wanna’
“If you Wanna” become no 5 in charts in Greece

November 24th 2012, she was invited by the Romanian News Paper in Cyprus ROMANIA, to be a guest of honor at an event they organized, followed by an interview(info and pictures

Londou Bross, the biggest fashion distribution in Cyprus closed a deal with the young artist and they will dress her at every event.

February 2013 Christina traveled to Romania where she was invited at one biggest TV Show.
Coming back home, she was the guest of the most promoted Carnaval Party on the island.

April 17, 2013 Christina’s new single “I Believe in you” was released, and the next day the most powerful music site in Greece,, was referring to her as “The Cypriot artist with the BIG VOICE”

Christina was invited by Town Hall of her hometown Larnaca, to be a part of the biggest charity concert, next to other 40 very well known artists from Cyprus and Greece.
May 27/2013

June and July 2013 the artist was full booked for many live shows in Cyprus.
July 13/2013 Christina had a spectacular appearance  next to a big name from UK music industry K KOKE. She had the invitation for featuring from K KOKE’s management. At this big event, except her songs, Christina performed with the rapper one of his hits.
The event took place at The Vault Club in Larnaca, which celebrateed the Grand Opening with this incredible event

Wanted to do and learn more, the young artist decided to go study Media, so she went to Greece in September 2013. Coming home for Christmas Holidays, Christina was invited to perform at “ Miss Cyprus Tourism 2013” beauty pageant, organized in Paphos, where she was also member of the panel of judges.

New music project was released June 24th 2014 in collaboration with Romanian record label Tommo Production titled Aventura.
The new song is heavily air played by music TV and radio stations in many European countries.