Cypriot singer Christina Matsa, decided to leave Eurovision this year for the charity show “Dancing For You”

Cypriot singer Christina Matsa, decided to leave Eurovision this year for the charity show “Dancing For You”Just days before the National Selection of the song which will represent Cyprus at Eurovision in 2015, Christina Matsa decided to leave the competition,after her song “I Didn’t Know” (written by 4 times winner of World Music Awards Jean Saliba, Nasser Assaad and herself), was selected for Eurovision marathon.
The young artist was asked by Mega Channel, a privet television, to participate at the Charity Show “Dancing For You”4 which se accepted without any hesitation, but CYBC didn’t agree with her decision and she was asked to choose between the two shows. Stunned by CYBC reaction, Christina decided to be part of the charity show, saying….. “in such difficult times I wanna be a part of this…if I can give a helping hand to those in need, if I can make a difference in someone’s life for a better tomorrow, then this is my choice. Eurovision will be there every year, but because of this economical crisis, the charity show may not…”
20 years-old artist Christina Matsa surprised everyone with her decision since we all know that she managed in short period of time to make a name in International Music Industry with her Hit songs “My Reason”, “If You Wanna”, “Aventura ” and many more. Definitely she had a big chance to win the National Competition for Eurovision and easily come home with a good result for her country since she is loved and very appreciated abroad.
The charity show “Dancing for You” has donated in 3 editions, more than 190.000 €.
The show is produced by Mr. Polis Aristotelous and hosted by Christiana Aristotelous, both respected names in Cypriot Television and ShowBiz.


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